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Radio Media Tour
with Participation Requirements and Pricing


Radio Is Alive And Doing Very Well !!


Radio Media Tours Sample


The Premise:

Radio is the still the most efficient media buy for getting your clients message out to the public.


The typical radio tour can be scheduled over a few hours in the AM (drive time) can reach millions of targeted listeners and in most cases your client will never have to leave their home or office.


The key advantage of radio is that the interviews are longer (5 to 10 minutes) with more flexibility in promoting client product and services.



15 to 18 Scheduled "Live" Interviews


3 Hour Tour
(5 to 6 interviews per hour)


$ 2,800 (3 hour tour)
(Each additional hour @ $ 900)


Radio Tour Production Package Offered:

  • Drafting a media advisory for the best "news hook" and generating interest;
  • Pitching and targeting radio news directors and talk show producers;
  • Multiple telephone and emails contact every day for 3 to 4 weeks before air date;
  • Schedule interview times and provide Q & A information to program hosts;
  • Provide complete radio station ID run-down with names, times, etc. to client;
  • Direct and moderate the "live" interviews on air date via teleconferencing.


Radio Post Media Tour Services Offered:

  • CD audio copy of all the interviews for client transcript;
  • A radio station summary report;
  • Total "audience numbers" and numbers per each station will be provided within 1 to 2 weeks following air date.