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Road "Ground" Tours
with Participation Requirements and Pricing


Road tours have one big advantage - personal contact with the media !


The Premise:

While satellite interviews are efficient and radio telephone interviews are easy nothing beats the effectiveness and intimacy of a "live" in-studio interview at the local media outlet.


In fact, nearly 60% to 70% of media outlets survey "preferred" in-studio interviews verses satellite & phone interviews mainly because of content control.


If your client is willing to travel or is planning a pre-arranged business trip, BTP can create an exceptional media tour that will include local television interviews in the early AM, local radio interviews during the day and with press interviews interspersed throughout.


All these interviews would be arranged in each market that your client travels and BTP would also arrange transportation to and from media outlets.



To Schedule "Live" TV & Radio
& Press Interviews
(within 6 to 8 hours)


$ 970 per city
(minimum 3 guaranteed)


Road Tour Production Package Offered:

  • Drafting a media advisory for the best “news hook” and generating interest;
  • Pitching and targeting radio news directors and talk show producers;
  • Outline interview media opportunities per client /per day:
    • TV station (network affiliates): 5 AM to 7 AM – 12 PM to 5 PM
    • Fox TV (affiliates): 7 AM to 9 AM
    • Radio stations: Scheduled throughout day
    • Press interviews: Scheduled between TV & radio
  • Booking interviews for the entire day;
  • Providing research and Q & A materials for each interview host and reporter;
  • Updating and maintaining constant schedule communication with client.