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Broadcast Event Programming
Entertainment & News


Sponsor your own "live" broadcast event specifically targeted to your audience!


The Premise:

BTP is also a media company that creates targeted video programming in the areas of variety, sports and news shows that provide a base on which to build national corporate sponsorship opportunities.


What We Do:

  • Consultation with the client, and analyze the target audience we want to reach.
  • Develop programming content that their audience would want to watch.
  • Syndicate the program cross many media platforms to reach that audience.


National Entertainment Television Events:

BTP will create targeted program sponsored by corporate brands that would air on one of the following formats: television (both broadcast & cable), radio and the Web.


The object is to deliver your branded message targeted directly to your valued customers for the most efficient "return on investment"!


Localized News Coverage Events:

BTP will create a media event targeted to a specific local audience for a local corporate sponsor.


What We Will Provide:

  • Consultation with the client, and analyze the local target audience we want to reach;
  • Pitching news event to the local media television, radio and press by generating interest among the news editors, producers and reporters;
  • Provide complete news crew TV coverage of the entire event including editing b-roll and distribution dubs;
  • Arranging interviews with the local radio and press during and after media event;
  • Follow-up to TV news desk editors, radio producers/host and press reporters to ensure the event is aired and printed.


For further information on creative and distribution, please contact: