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Co-Op Satellite Media Tours
with Participation Requirements and Pricing


All the advantages of a Satellite Media Tour with the added plus of up to 75% savings !


Sample Co-Op SMT

Kendis Gibson from HGTV with "Father's Day Gift Suggestion"


The Premise:

Co-ops are still the most cost efficient means to get your clients' message to a nationwide television and radio audience.


With this method several non-competing clients share the cost of a single media tour while receiving the same single sponsor exposure but with an incredible reduction in fees upwards to 75% .... A MEDIA BARGAIN INDEED !!



21 to 27 Scheduled Interviews


Guaranteed Combination of TV Stations,
Radio Stations & Broadcast Web Sites


3 Hour Tour
(7 to 9 interviews per hour)


per participant


(discount with two clients from same PR firm)


Co-Op Themes Schedule:

For the complete list, contact:


Co-Op Participation Requirements:

  • A minimum of two non-competing participants with a maximum of three per tour;
  • Participant must commit to a tour by the scheduled commitment date. (Email for up to date co-op schedule)


Co-Op Production Package Offered:

  • Create "news hook" media alert (with client input) to greatly interest TV & Radio AM news show producers to book us;
  • Third-party credible on-air spokesperson proficient on your tour subject matter is selected with client approval;
  • Booking and pitching your story by contacting TV & Radio producers nationwide; (telephone pitching and emailing is continuous every day for 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Broadcast your story "live" from our professional NYC television studio w/ one camera, studio set, technical crew and support staff;
  • Satellite transponder time and uplink (3 hours);
  • Producing and directing media tour for 3 hours on the broadcast morning of the tour. (7 to 9 interviews per hour)


Co-Op Post Media Tour Services Offered:

  • Telephone and email follow up to stations – especially those who have accepted B-roll interviews;
  • One VMS monitored VHS tape of a particular "live" interview aired;
  • Total "audience numbers" and numbers per each station will be provided within 1 to 2 weeks following air date.